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Safeguarding Your Email from Malicious Threats

Temporary Email Addresses

If you find yourself in a situation where you're hesitant to share your real email address – whether due to uncertainty about a website, concerns about privacy, or simply wanting to stay incognito – we offer a solution. Introducing temporary email addresses: as the name suggests, these are short-term and functional email addresses. You can specify how long you want them to remain active, be it an hour or even up to a year. These temporary addresses come with domains like emailreseller.online or emailreseller.nl, ensuring your personal domain remains untouched. By using this service, you can significantly reduce the risk of your email being misused. The best part? Creating a temporary email address is entirely free.

Creating a Temporary Email Address

Generating a temporary email address is a breeze. Just head to the dashboard, find the "Temp E-mail" section, and select "Add E-mail." You have the choice of going with a randomly generated email address under our domain or using your own email address. Specify the validity period for this temporary address and the designated email account where messages should be delivered. Once the specified time lapses, the email address will be automatically removed. Anyone sending an email to that address after its expiration will receive a bounce message.

Spam Detection

Each incoming email, whether it's directed to your primary domain or a temporary address, undergoes thorough scrutiny with our mail sweeper to detect potential spam. This assessment considers various factors, including sender IP reputation and whether the email has previously been marked as unwanted. Advanced algorithms determine if an email should be classified as spam. We also employ techniques like SPF and DKIM to verify the authenticity of the sender.

Enabling Spam Detection

Configuring spam detection is a straightforward process via the dashboard. Navigate to "Manage Email" and choose the domain you wish to set up spam checking for. Access "Email Options" and configure your mail scanner settings. By activating the "Check Email for Spam" slider, you initiate a comprehensive spam check for all emails addressed to your domain.

Identifying Spam

Any email identified as spam will be clearly labeled in the subject line with "{Spam?}". This allows you to efficiently organize these messages, either by moving them to a separate folder, forwarding them to another account, or deleting them altogether. You can also inspect the email header to understand the criteria that led to its spam classification.

Tips to Mitigate Spam

To prevent your email address from being collected by automated bots for potential abuse, refrain from posting it on public forums or websites.

Advanced Dashboard Settings

Our dashboard provides additional features to manage emails marked as spam. You can automate the removal of spam without viewing it or forward it to a designated address.

Virus Scanning

Protecting your digital environment against harmful files, such as viruses, is crucial. Ideally you would want to have every incoming email scanned for viruses. Within the dashboard, navigate to the mail scanner settings, activate the "Virus Check" slider, and save your settings. If a virus is detected, the email will be cleansed, and the infected file will be replaced with a notification indicating its removal.

In Conclusion

At EmailReseller, we take security seriously, offering three robust methods to shield your email from misuse. These include using temporary email addresses, implementing spam checks via the dashboard, and ensuring virus detection and removal through our mail sweepers. If safeguarding your domain from misuse, spam, and viruses is a priority, then sign up now and configure your domain with EmailReseller's protective features.