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Use and set up amazon work email

Amazon workmail
Use and set up Amazon work email

Who is Amazon?

Amazon started in 1994 with the sale of CDs, DVDs and video tapes over the Internet. The internet was still in its infancy at the time. Jeff Bezos. had a vision of becoming the Internet's largest online retailer.

How did the online goods store start as a cloud provider?

Rumor has it that Amazon bought a lot of new servers for the Amazon webshop in 2006, but due to the rise of cloud technology and standardization, these servers were superfluous. So “Amazon Web Services” was officially relaunched with S3, SQS and EC2 as the first services.

The current AWS offers more than 180 services such as storage, networking, databases, analytics and application services from data centers in different countries. One of those application services is Amazon work mail.

What is Amazon Work Email?

A secure e-mail, calendar environment from a single mailbox to many mailboxes throughout your organization. You can read the e-mail via a web-based program or via an e-mail program such as outlook, thunderbird. The e-mail is accessible via a computer, mobile and tablet.

Email on the server

Because Amazon work mail uses the IMAP protocol, the e-mail remains on the server and you have access to the same e-mail everywhere from any e-mail client you use.

How do I create an Amazon work email?

First of all, you have to create and set up an organization once, search for work email when you are logged in within AWS (Amazon Web Console). You are now on the home screen of Amazon work email. Click on create organization to create an organization. Here I chose an external domain emailreseller.com with the alias emailreseller.

Click on the create organization button. The organization is created and set up and this may take a few minutes. During these minutes your organization has the pending status. Reload the page after a few minutes and the status of the organization is now active. You will see the id, the default domain and the status for the organization.

Now click on the name of the organization, you will now see an alias under the default domain, which we will later change to our own domain name when the domain name has been verified via DNS.

Confirm domain name organization

To use work email via the organization domain name, we have to make several DNS settings. You do this at the domain name register through which you have registered the domain name. Within AWS, click Domains. Click on the domain name we have created within the overview of domains. An overview appears with the DNS settings that you need to add. Add these records to your domain name registry. If a record has been added successfully, the status will change from missing to verified.

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)

DKIM is a method that contributes to more secure email, through the DNS records that are in the DNS zone of your domain name, recipients can check whether the sender is really the owner of the domain name. This prevents your email from being classified as SPAM and also gives you a better reputation on blacklists such as (CBL, SBL, Spamcop and Senderscore).

Add sender for DKIM

To use DKIM we need to set up a sender which is added to the DNS records. To create a sender, click on edit under improved email delivery. The below appears. I choose the sender no-reply. When you have filled in the fields click on save changes.

Set up DKIM at domain name registry

To use DKIM with AWS workmail, we need to make 2 more DNS changes after adding a sender. I have chosen no-reply at emailreseller.com so I am asked to add the 2 records below to the DNS zone at my domain name registry.

These records also get the status verified if they have been added to the DNS zone correctly. The domain name is now set up to send and receive email via AWS workmail.

Set domain as default

Now that we have created an organization and have set up all DNS records correctly, we can change the default domain name for this organization from an alias of AWS to our own domain name. Click on domains and if your own domain name has the status verified you can make it default. Select the domain name and choose set as default.

Create user for AWS workmail.

Within the Organization menu, click Users. Here you see an overview of all e-mail users that have been created for this domain name. Click the create user button. Fill in the necessary fields such as username, first name last name and display name.

Set up email

In the next box, select your domain name and enter the e-mail address. Choose a strong password and enter it under password and repeat password. Click on the button create user and the first e-mail address is created for this domain

user details amazon workmail

Read email via webmail

We have now created an organization in this tutorial, added a domain name and added an e-mail user. Now we just need to check if we can receive and send email through the email user. We can quickly check this via the web-based email of workmail which can be reached via the url which is under the details of the organization. In my case


login screen amazon workmail

The login screen amazon workmail appears. Enter the username of the user we just created with the chosen password and click on sign in. You are now logged in to the e-mail account, send a test e-mail to the e-mail address and send an e-mail from work e-mail to another e-mail address.

webmail amazon workmail

Final conclusions

We now have a working email address via amazon workmail which we can read via the webmail workmail. Later we will make tutorials on how to link this account via Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple mail. But we can also choose to use our own web-based email program, such as roundcube on our own domain name.

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